The exploration of natural products of plant origin as sources of low-cost eco-friendly corrosion inhibitors is an essential field of study. The abundant phytochemical constituents of biomass extracts have considerable potential as readily available and renewable sources of a wide range of organic chemicals of prospective industrial significance. The extracts from plant leaves, barks, seeds, fruits and roots comprise of mixtures of organic compounds (including alkaloids, tannins, amino acids carbohydrates etc.), which have molecular and electronic structures bearing close similarities with those of conventional corrosion inhibitors and have been found to exert inhibiting effects on both chemical as well as microbial-influenced corrosion, thus functioning as all-in-one inhibitors. The complex composition of biomass extracts poses a considerable restriction to precise experimental determination of the contributions of the different constituents to the overall inhibiting effect. We have attempted to overcome some of these restrictions by performing theoretical computations in the framework of the density functional theory.


Oguzie, Emeka; Oguzie, Kanayo; Akalezi, Chris; Ogbulie, Jude; Udeze, Irene; Njoku, Victor (2013) Natural Products for Materials Protection: Corrosion and microbial growth inhibition using Capsicum frutescens biomass extracts, ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, Vol. 1(2), pp. 214-225.

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