Welcome to Electrochemistry and Materials Science Research Unit, FUTO


Welcome to the site of the Electrochemistry and Materials Science Research Unit, Federal University of Technology Owerri, Nigeria (EMRU-FUTO), the research group of Prof. Emeka E. Oguzie!

We are a multidisciplinary research unit domiciled in the Department of Chemistry, Federal University of Technology Owerri. Our interests lie within the broad field of physical chemistry and materials science, including corrosion and corrosion protection; bio-resource utilization; biosorption; membrane transport phenomena; heterogeneous photocatalysis; surface chemistry of adsorbents and biosorbents. We use combined experimental and computational techniques to study the detailed mechanisms of these processes. Taking cognizance of the increasing awareness about the earth’s environment, we have recently initiated studies in the area of environmental electrochemistry, particularly electrokinetic remediation of soils and groundwater. Moreover, our research and development effort on corrosion can be useful for environmental and ecological protection.


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